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Say buongiorno with a real espresso



Aulika Evo is modern and social. It is a focus of attraction for people who enjoy their
coffee break not only as a moment of relaxation, but also as an opportunity for a
relaxed chat and to share their ideas and feelings with colleagues and friends. The
quality of the parts, attention to every detail and its modern design make Aulika Evo
the perfect professional coffee machine for work environments such as offices and
small restaurants, where reliability and top quality dispensing are essential.

525 mm (W) x 420 mm (H) x 673 mm (D)

Features and benefits

A sleek and compact coffee solution
    Easily fits small countertops. Great for any type of workspace.
    High performance capacity. Perfect extraction in under 30 seconds.
    Freshly ground coffee beans. Excellence and consistency in every cup.


  • 1kg coffee beans container
  • 4L water tank
  • One Touch milk
  • High Speed milk
  • Hot water
  • Double boiler, double pump
  • Grinder with steel conical blades
  • Optional direct water supply connection

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