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Office Break-Room Supplies

All of this and so much more…

So many tasty options

Real snacks and supplies for real workers

At Micro Espresso we understand that companies are not only fueled by coffee, that’s why we offer a wide variety of break room supplies, snacks and beverages for you to enjoy.

Delicious healthy choices available.  We like to promote a healthy lifestyle through our products and services. Healthy snacks such as natural energy bars, trail mix, organic cookies and so much more are available for your break rooms.

You may choose from chips, granola bars, pretzels, donuts, chocolate, candy, chewing gum and pretty much anything else you may crave during your work hours. Paper towels, sodas, dairy products, protein bars… Let us build a custom supply offering for your valued staff.

Ask us how we can supply your break room.

You won't crave for your favorite snacks anymore, We've got you covered!