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``The idea that one might drink coffee for pleasure, to delight in its complexity of flavor, still has relatively little penetration into global culture.`` James Hoffmann , Author - World Atlas of Coffee

About Us

Our mission is to make sure that you and your employees can have the best cup of coffee at the workplace. We offer a selection of the finest artisanal coffees from some of the best roasters in Canada. Here at Micro Espresso we are very passionate coffee enthusiasts and take immense pleasure doing what we do. We know how difficult it may be finding fresh, high-quality coffee in proximity of one's workplace. With today's fast-paced lifestyle, many of us simply do not have the time to regularly travel to that one great roaster in order to pick up some fresh coffee.

Let the coffee come to you

It is our goal to make freshly roasted coffee accessible to any office in Canada. We only work with the best roasters and go through a process of meticulous selection of our coffees. You can be sure that every bag of coffee beans we deliver is full of unique flavors, fragrances and aromas.

Our Process

A substantial part of our coffee selection process consists of dialing in coffees and drinking them. We worked together with industry leading baristas, roasters and equipment manufacturers in order to get the best result from our products. When deciding how would go about tasting the potential coffees, we had to come up with a systematic procedure to record the product's quality. Only the coffees with the highest scoring make it on our menu.

See what all the hype is about!

The freshest coffee, locally roasted, meticulously selected, delivered straight to your office door